2 Essential Oils to Stop Excessive Hand Sweating

by Jason on April 30, 2009

stop excessive hand sweating

Excessive hand sweating can be EXTREMELY debilitating socially. I remember going on job interviews and looking up at the potential employer after that first sloppy, wet handshake, thinking, “This interview is already over.”

The problem is hard to understand for people who don’t personally suffer from it. They think you’re always nervous or even place judgments on your hygiene. There’s no doubt, it’s a cruel world out there if you’ve got sweaty hands.

More than likely you suffer from some degree of palmer hyperhidrosis – a condition where hyperactivity in your Sympathetic Nervous System causes overactive sweat glands to fire off perspiration in continuous bursts, no matter what temperature you’re exposed to.

Here you’ll be learning about two very powerful, natural oils that will condition your hands to stay dry for very long amounts of time using gentle astringent properties. So, enough with the introduction. Let’s get your excessive hand sweating under control, shall we?

Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil is extracted from the plant called pelargonium odorantissimum, which belongs to the Geraniaceae family. You can buy it at most health food stores in liquid form. Simply apply a thin layer to your palms and let it air dry. As the oil soaks into your pores, it will immediately go to work, drying your skin and giving your hands a pleasant, fresh smell.

Cypress Oil

Calming and cooling, this oil from the Mediterranean cypress tree is valued for its refreshing and astringent effects. The essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves, twigs and cones of the evergreen tree. You’ll feel the effects instantaneously as perspiration quickly evaporates from your palms AND you feel more relaxed overall. That’s because Cypress Oil has a direct effect on your nervous system. It stimulates calm, serene emotions. The alcohol (10%) in Cypress oil contributes to its drying effect as well.

Try these to solutions out and see if they stop sweaty palms as effectively as they did mine.

How I finally stopped my handsweating PERMANENTLY

 It didn’t take long to put a stop to my sweaty palms once I used these 2 essential oils in combination with an irreplaceable system, appropriately titled “Cure My Sweaty Palms

It’s an ebook that gives you the same step by step treatment plan that I followed to end my own excessive hand sweating in just over a week with no relapse whatsoever.

The plan works! PLAIN and SIMPLE it gets the job done! I highly recommend you try the sweaty palms remedy right now by CLICKING HERE. You’ll absolutely love the results as it’s GUARANTEED to work by the creator.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Set yourself free by taking action right now and start your new life without clammy hands!

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avatar marie November 8, 2009 at 6:55 pm

Hi, i am in need of any of these oil..i live in the Philippines and wonder where can i purchase it. I also suffer from facial blushing that triggers my hot flashes and vertigo. This is also because i am in my menopausal stage(due to TAHBSO surgery)TAs a result,i experience pain at the back of my neck for 3 to 4 days but disappears with the intake of vit b complex. My hands and feet are sweaty even when i just sit down doing nothing and with all types of temperature.,. My face gets red when I am asked to speak in a group and followed by profused sweating. I always read books on developing self-esteem and confidence but still, i blush when i am on the actual set. I am praying that this will go away. When I was younger I was like this but can manage it back then. I speak in front of people because of the nature of my work and business. Now , i feel so defeated. I try to stay away from social gatherings for fear I might get a trigger to my sweating and live another 3-4 days with hotflashes and vertigo. My life has become boring. I finally found comfort and hope with your constant email messages. I have no credit card. My question is: Can your book be bought from stores? I want to buy them as soon as possible. Will you ship it directly? How do I send the money and how much would the package be? Please help me also in my facial blushing. I want to be successful in my business and I want to live purposely.. winning and confident believing that I can reach my dreams for my sake and for my family and others as well. God bless you. And oh, please continue sending me tips to control sweating. I highly appreciate it. Salamat Po (MEANS “THANK YOU” in Pilipino)

avatar Saxon July 3, 2010 at 3:45 am

Hi, please help me out. I got sweaty palms all day long…iam so embarrased_i can’t even ask a girl for an out!
How and where can i get the two oils and the book.
Please help and God will bless.

avatar Malida October 14, 2011 at 6:03 pm

I think what really help me with sweating hands, feet, underarm is Hush tea.

I sweat so much when i’m driving my hands are dripping. When I took this tea i’m still sweating but not as much as before where i’m having water dripping down. It help me about 25-40%( depending if I eat spicy food). When combining the treatment with the Iontophoresis treatment, I have sweat free. The only thing is I feel iontophoresis treatment is time consuming. Today, I just ordered native remedies sweat less and detox combo pack. I will try Native remedies instead of iontophoresis and I hope this will work. Good luck everyone. You just have to try different things. Each things will help 20% or 15% here and there. If you try out different treatments you will add the percentage to 100% and you will be sweat free.

Take care

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