Stop Groin Sweating in 7 Steps

by Jason on December 16, 2009

It’s the kind of thing most people don’t like to talk about. When you can’t stop sweating “down there”, you don’t exactly want to put out an ad in the yellow pages, letting everyone know about it. Groin sweating affects millions of people and although so many are desperately searching for a solution, very few are providing one. That’s because it’s such a taboo problem. The term alone has a connotation of bad hygiene. What guy or girl wants to admit that they’ve had such a problem, let alone spent their time outlining a plan of attack?

Well, my friends – I AM that guy. Also, I can tell you…

If the embarrassment of groin sweating isn’t enough to make you search for an alternative solution, certainly the discomfort is. The constant perspiration in your groin and inner thighs causes TERRIBLE irritation, rashes, dryness, odor and a whole bunch of other problems. Here, you’ll discover the 7 most effective and useful tactics for putting groin sweat to bed and PRONTO. Let’s get started and stop the sweat for good!

1. Cool Down before you Start Up:

In order to start this process off on the right foot, it’s important that all your showers end with cold water. You don’t have to freeze yourself right out of the shower. In the beginning, use warm water to wash off. As you get to the end of your shower time, gradually lower the temperature of the water until the last minute where you’re essentially showering your “goodies” with a super cold soak. It will only be a little uncomfortable for a minute.

This technique avoids that annoying situation where you start sweating the moment you step out of the shower. It will give you a nice head start for the next technique.

2. Powdering Your Parts:

Once you get out of the shower, dry off THOROUGHLY. You don’t want any kind of wetness in your nether regions so get aggressive with that towel. Own every crevice!

Apply a fairly generous amount of talcum powder to your groin, buttocks, inner thighs and undercarriage – yes UNDERCARRIAGE. That’s my fancy medical term :)

Talcum powder will absorb any moisture that may come about during the day. If you DO sweat, the perspiration will mix with the talcum and evaporate the powder, leaving you dry with a fresh scent.

If Talcum isn’t enough to do the job, try Goldbond’s Medicated Powder. You can get this at most drugstores and it works very well. Goldbond’s has a cooling effect so it will actually make your groin feel cooler (an interesting sensation the first time). I love this stuff. Goldbond’s also neutralizes itching and irritation so if the skin down there is already a bit sensitive or chaffed, this will be a tremendous relief for you.

3. Wear Breathables:

I know it sounds like simple advice but the very first item you need to check off on your list is breathable underwear. If you’re not wearing cotton – you’re doomed to fail at overcoming this problem. Most of the time, breathable underwear won’t be enough to cure groin sweating alone. However, it will help you along by strengthening the power of the previous solutions.

4. Deodorize Your Thighs:

I know it sounds strange but layering on a thin coat of gentle deodorant will do wonders if you sweat from your inguinal region (inner thighs). This crease between your groin and your inner thigh is where the problem generally starts. Don’t go putting deodorant on your groin. That has “bad idea” written all over it. Instead, try a very gentle antiperspirant like Hydrosal gel or even Degree on your inner thigh. Remember, this is very sensitive skin so if irritation occurs, stop immediately.

5. Avoid Loose Fitting Underwear:

Although it should be breathable, your underwear should be snug as well. If clothes or underwear are too loose (for men especially), your thighs will rub against your groin more directly and cause the sweating to begin.

6. Heal Any Chaffing:

Before you do any of this stuff, make sure you’re dealing with a healthy situation down there. If you have chaffing or a rash from prior sweating, attend to the irritation before drying out the area.

I mentioned Goldbond’s powder up above for preventing the sweat. The brand also has a healing lotion, made specifically for chaffed skin. You can also use Eucerin cream or Aquaphor (two moisturizing lotions) to treat the affected area.

7. Cut down on Cutting Down:

If you normally shave your spot down there, you may want to hold off or at least adjust the frequency of your intimate haircut schedule. Although less hair on your groin will definitely decrease the amount of sweating, it will encourage irritation and chaffing.

Start with these 7 steps and you’ll be off to a great start. There are more advanced treatments like Botox for groin sweating (usually done on the inner thigh) but don’t run away with the idea of such an extreme remedy until you’ve tried out these practical ones.

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avatar Jermaine Forbes March 14, 2010 at 5:04 pm

What I have found out, is if you take a sage tea or green tea package out when your done using for tea. And put it under your cheeks (I have butt sweating problems) the next day it will be significantly drier, if you dont have butt sweat problems try it under your arm pits

avatar Denise June 21, 2010 at 4:49 am

Talc is not going to help, talc is a 1 on the Moh’s scale, yes the one that rates a diamond as a 10. Talc is rock, yes it is the softest rock, bit it is still a rock. Talc will only serve to create more problems for the skin to deal with. The bacteria continues to run unchecked. Talc does nothing to help with that. Having suffered with this for 40 years, I made something that has really helped me. I call it a Wrapp, as it wraps around the crotch of ones briefs. My Wrapp is unisex, made with 100% cotton and absorbs the moisture and helps facilitate the evaporative process. Once the Wrapp (the extra P stands for perspiration,) is damp, it can be tossed into the laundry, and an other dry, cool Wrapp takes its place. No more soggy elastic bands digging into your inner thighs. The odor is virtually gone, with the changing of your damp Wrapp. You can change your Wrapp as often as needed, and never again have to put up with the itching, burning, or a painfully soggy crotch or odor ever again. You will not be disappointed.


avatar Carl July 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Fantastic article! I can’t wait to try these for myself.

avatar jc October 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm

I work 11 hours a day and have embarrassing groin odor and an unpleasant odor around my breasts, by the end of the second shift. I discovered something that works very well. I use a scented liquid crystal deodorant (non-antiperspirant) around the breast area and groin. It is very effective in preventing odors. If the liquid deodorant irritates you, then try powder…it helps too, and a change of underwear in your purse for later in the day.

avatar Ron August 18, 2011 at 11:55 pm

Powder does work. I use a product called Huppo Powder Pocket. Website is I am a large guy and frequently suffer from chafing that mosisture causes. A friend of mine told me about Huppo. It lasts all day with only one simple application. Best of all, there is no mess.

avatar Ken September 7, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Actually deodorant down there works very well for me, night and day difference!!

avatar jon October 9, 2011 at 1:12 am

I’ve been making an effort to give some good news to all that suffer from this.

For me it started about six years ago after a surgery. I was on a month long antibiotic regimen of IV antibiotics twice a day. I also didn’t wash that well because my foot had sutures and was healing. I was fighting infection and read that tap water can infect an injury like mine. So i took “spit baths”. So my problem could of started because of hygiene, or because of antibiotics. I think it was a bit of both.

For years i’ve tried all the creams from doctors. I went to dermatologists. I went to urologists. I’ve tried home remediates of vinegar to balance the PH (ON THE OUTSIDE). And it just always came back.

Recently I’ve been using two things that have given me great results.

1. Alka Green
I’ve been taking this because it balances the internal PH (INSIDE your body). I take the power form and only one tablespoon a day.

2. Inner-Eco Power Packed Probiotic Kefir from Whole Foods. I take two tablespoons a day.

Now one of these is taking care of the problem. I’ll talk a bit about what they do.

Alka Green balances the bodies PH. It is suggested that Acidic bodies are prone to infection and other problems. Also, tonight i just read this article about how when your body has sweat thats oily and doesnt dry, its considered ACIDIC. This is big news because thats just the type of sweat that my BALLS had. It never dried and it was sticky down there. It was so messed up, and so uncomfortable and embarrassing and smelly. Heres the article that talks about the Acidic oily sweat. Please note, the site looks like its a scam but I’m not selling anything. Just read his article, don’t buy anything from him (unless you want to, i didn’t). So after my lengthy info, in short, Alka Green could be balancing out my ACIDIC system and therefore I’m not producing the oily ACIDIC sweat, thats hard to dry (sound familiar).

The second thing i’ll talk about is Inner-Eco Power Packed Probiotic Kefir. I went to Whole Foods to buy some probiotics because the condition was causing Fungus or Yeast infections down there. This is probably due to the constant wetness. So i read that if your system doesn’t have the Probiotics that it naturally has, then you will be susceptible to Yeast or Fungus infections (like jock itch if your a guy). So i decided i was going to try Probiotics. Now remember, I said that i was on antibiotics and they usually wipe out not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria that prevents things like yeast infections or jock itch. So this could be the thing thats actually helping me.

Please note, i took pro biotics before but this one seems to do the trick. Again, its Inner-Eco PowerPacked Probiotic Kefir. Its liquid and has TRILLIONS of cultures pure serving.

Im not sure which is curing the problem, the Alka Green “POWERDER” or the Inner-Eco pro biotic. Im taking both because their both good for me anyway.

Good luck, I’m copying this info and pasting it on every site that has questions about this horrible issue that i’ve spent at least $2000 on trying to solve with doctor visits and their creams and whatever else. So now i feel i have a solution and know how horrible it can be to try and live with it. I also know how annoying the usual comments and suggestion are like, “you need to shower more” and all the other obvious stuff. Im sure you know how to wash your self *shakes head*.

A few more tips:
I always dry my groin with a towel after I’m done drying the rest of my body. I always use a new towel for every shower. Yes, I’m still showering twice a day but now some days i only need to shower once and i still feel clean. I always use the hair dryer to dry my BALLS (sorry ladies). Also, a good trick is to put a cold soda or beer can between your legs, its awesome and so cool. Keeps you from sweating. But i really think if you investigate the products and article that i listed below, you will be able to stop the tips i just mention…in time.

So good luck, heres some links and post back if it worked!!!!

Link for Alka Green

Link for Inner-Eco LIQUID Probiotic (You can get this at Whole Foods)

Article that talks about Acidic sweat thats oily and doesn’t dry very easily

In closing I hope you guys don’t shy away thinking I’m selling something. Its not the case. Im here to help because i’ve suffered from this for years.

avatar jon October 9, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Its Jon again.

I just wanted to say that people who think they are experiencing EXCESSIVE sweating, could be experiencing that unhealthy sweat that i described above.

It isn’t excessive sweat, its just that the sweat could be ACIDIC and it tends to be oily or sticky and it doesn’t evaporate. So people see it as excessive but its just that the regular amount of sweat isn’t evaporating.

If the above works for you, please copy and paste into other forums so all the others can find relief. Its amazing how doctors or even the web hasn’t found a cure for this. And its seems that the solution is so simple. Good luck.

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