8 Simple Ways to Reduce Underarm Sweat: Get the Relief You Need!

by Jason on July 1, 2011

reduce underarm sweat

Excessive underarm sweat is a very disgusting problem, isn’t it? Not only is it gross, it is also unsettling and embarrassing. Are you the type of person who sweats, even when you’re just sitting down doing homework, or typing on your computer? Does your shirt get WAY TOO wet when you exercise?

Well, even though you think you’re alone in your suffering, you’re not! Approximately 2%-3% of the population has the exact same problem as you. If you want to reduce underarm sweat, you DO have quite a few options. Even if you’re unable to cure the problem, you can at least try to control it.

In order to control it, you need to understand it. Underarm sweat can be a condition of its own, or it can be a symptom of another medical condition. For some people, a number of different factors play a role in excessive sweating: overactive nervous system, lack of exercise, poor diet, “triggers” such as spicy foods and caffeine, etc.

Try to determine what is causing your underarm sweat and tackle that problem head on.

Here are some more tips on how to reduce underarm sweat:

1. Try a good antiperspirant. An extra-strength antiperspirant contains at least 10% aluminum chloride, which is THE active ingredient that blocks the pores and stops sweat secretion from coming out. Some of these antiperspirants are so strong that they require a prescription from a doctor. Start out looking for one over the counter or online.

2. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B in your diet. If you have to, start taking Vitamin B supplements every day. It helps break down food in the digestive system. Proper digestion can prevent sweating. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits, including bananas, oranges, kiwis, etc.

3. While you’re at it, eat a lot of fiber. Fiber is also good for digestion. When food breaks down properly there is a smaller amount of chemicals and toxins in the body. One of the reason why so much sweat is produced is because of excessive toxins in the body, which is often due to improper eating and poor digestion.

4. Do at least forty minutes of exercise a day! The more you exercise, the less you will sweat over time. If a lot of sweat needs to come out, why not make it all come out at once? Plus, losing fat and toning up will cause your body to sweat less. One of the reasons why the body sweats, after all, is to stay cool. When you have extra meat on your bones, your body will have to sweat more in order for you to stay cool.

5. Relax! Don’t let the sweat cause you anxiety, or you will just perspire even more. Anxiety is one of the biggest causes of underarm sweat. Sometimes even a small amount of excitement or anxiety can cause a bout of sweating. Do whatever you can to stay calm and relaxed: listen to calming music, meditate, do breathing exercises, take a bubble bath, etc.

6. Want to try a home remedy which involves items from your own kitchen? As gross as it sounds, a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda is a great natural deodorant! Rub this mixture onto your armpits and let it dry for a few minutes before applying your extra-strength antiperspirant.

7. Wheat grass is a good remedy that helps flush toxins out of the body. You can drink wheat grass juice to reduce underarm sweat. It’s also high in oxygen, and when the body has enough oxygen, it can fight bacteria. With fewer bacteria in your body, you won’t have to worry about body odor so much.

8. Don’t wear shirts that cling to your armpits. Wearing tight shirts will only make you sweat more. This is because your pores won’t have a chance to breathe. Plus, when perspiration gets trapped inside of your shirt, it will start to stink. Wear loose clothes made out of organic materials.

These 8 tips are the start. There are plenty of other techniques you can learn to reduce underarm sweat. In fact, there are 12 amazing tactics that you can learn RIGHT NOW at my website!

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