Acupuncture for Hyperhidrosis

by Jason on April 17, 2009

acupuncture for hyperhidrosis

If you’ve been having trouble relieving your excessive sweating with conventional methods like clinical strength deodorants or even more advanced treatments such as Iontophoresis, then Acupuncture for hyperhidrosis may be your next step.

Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture originated in Asia in the form of Chinese medicine. Oftentimes, holistic medicine like this is overlooked by modern western medicine and may be worth pursuing before attempting surgery or prescription medications.

I’ve tested it out for a couple of months and can attest to the palpable difference in my sweating. Surprisingly, I found Acupuncture to be a VERY powerful solution for controlling my sweating.
And, I’m not the only one either!

Clinical studies for this hyperhidrosis treatment have been proven very effective for MANY sufferers worldwide.

Acupuncture is the science of stimulating pressure points across the anatomy using a number of techniques. It involves the application of pressure points through penetration of the skin using metallic needles. You’re probably already familiar with the concept.

So, what does Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture feel like?

The needles are hair thin and it’s really completely painless, despite how it must sound to have lots of needles on your body. When the needles are first inserted, it’s done through a tiny metallic tube.

The needle penetrates the top layer of skin and just idles back and forth gently.

Some say it’s almost a gentle tingling sensation, when the needles first enter.

However, I don’t want to mislead you. There have been clinical studies for acupuncture that report some patient discomfort or even soreness the next day.

That said, when you do opt for Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture, it’s important to choose a licensed practitioner very carefully.

Oftentimes, you can find one in your medical insurance network (on their website) based on ratings and feedback from other patients.

Also, there are so many medical physicians that are additionally licensed in Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture. If your doctor isn’t licensed for acupuncture treatment, I’m sure he or she can make a recommendation to a trusted practitioner.

acupuncture for hyperhidrosis
About the Procedure…
Western medicine’s interpretation of Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture goes as follows…

Acupoints (where the needles are inserted) are based on sensory nerves of the skin called dermatomes. When the needles are placed on these dermatomes, it has a direct affect on the body’s nervous system.

It’s interesting to mention that the dermatomes for Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture are aligned with many of the dermatomes penetrated to relieve anxiety and stress through acupuncture. Clinical studies for acupuncture that have followed this technique, further prove that our emotions are direct triggers of hyperhidrosis sweating.

Many of these dermatomes also control internal body temperature by having direct communication with the sympathetic system in the body.

Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture treatments may vary depending on the degree and location of the hyperhidrosis symptoms. For example, someone with palmar or plantar hyperhidrosis may receive Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture to treat sweating hands and feet as well as sympathetic dermatome nerves in the chest or ribcage.

In other cases, the acupuncturist may apply a more generalized treatment of Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture. It really depends on the practitioner and your response to the treatments.

Although Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture can provide relief on the first visit, it usually takes 2 or 3 weeks to become fully effective.

My Experience…

I found that while receiving this treatment, I felt overall more relaxed and I definitely attribute that to my decrease in anxiety induced sweating.

Were there physical changes made with the stimulation of my “dermatones”? -– NO IDEA. :)

I can only tell you what I felt and yes, I did feel some improvement.
After my own personal test with this treatment, I was curious as to what others have experienced.

I spoke with many hyperhidrosis sufferers who have said that Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture helps phenomenally with their anxiety driven sweating.

It’s not so cut and dry though. There were MANY people who told me it wasn’t worth the effort and relief was minimal. Your own results may vary of course.

It’s very important that your expectations are realistic with this treatment. Generally speaking, Hypherhidrosis Acupunture will be most effective at stopping your stress and emotionally induced perspiration.

It’s considered a more holistic treatment, but its results are profoundly respected in the medical community. Don’t underestimate how beneficial this treatment option may be for you.

My personal opinion…

Although Acupuncture for hyperhidrosis has been shown as a great treatment for most people, it just didn’t do enough for me. I’ve used the methods taught in Stop Sweating & Start Living for years now and haven’t looked back since.

Listen, I make it my business to learn about as many PROVEN hyperhidrosis treatments as possible. I live for this stuff because I know what a toll it took on my own life for so long.

If you’re serious about ending your excessive sweating for good, make the investment in Stop Sweating & Start Living.

You’ll find that it’s not nearly as cumbersome as a session of Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture AND it’s GUARANTEED to work. You can try Stop Sweating & Start Living today, risk free, right now by CLICKING HERE.

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Interesting article

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Definitely interesting.

avatar Martin April 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm

And which special points on the body??

I think this would be important …

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