Do Your Sweaty Feet Cause Toe Fungus? Here Are 7 Solutions for Dealing with This Problem!

by Jason on July 31, 2011

sweaty feet cause toe fungus

Are your feet sweating all the time? Do you have toe fungus? It’s a known fact that sweaty feet cause toe fungus. Excessive sweat alone is bad enough, but when it causes fungus, you know there’s a real problem. Not only is it gross, it’s also embarrassing. Fungus and sweat cause odor, and foot odor is very hard to hide.

It is possible to prevent toe fungus and odor. You can also get your toenails looking normal again. You need to take measures to reduce foot sweating. Taking good care of your feet is essential for treatment and prevention.

First, you need to understand why sweaty feet cause toe fungus in the first place. Fungus is caused by the bacteria that grow in moist environments. When your feet trapped in sweat-filled socks, bacteria grow. Without being able to breathe, your feet become wet and smelly. Fungus grows as a result.

Thus, in order to prevent toe fungus, you need to learn how to deal with the sweat.

Here are some tips for dealing with sweat, fungus, and toenail discoloration:

1. Keep your feet and toes clean! Wash them twice a day. Use an anti-bacterial soap. Make sure you rinse all of the suds off. Let your feet dry before putting on socks. Soap leftovers can actually HELP the fungus! Not only should your feet and toes be clean, they should also be dry. Since sweat causes foot fungus, make sure the sweat limits contact with the skin as much as possible.

2. Change your socks at least twice a day. The socks should be made out of 100% cotton or wool. Get “breathable” socks so that your feet can breathe. They need some fresh air so that the bacteria doesn’t harvest. There are special socks made for people with Athlete’s Foot. They are designed to protect feet against blisters and toe fungus.

3. Alternate shoes and replace old, stinky ones. Wear a different pair every day. Wash your favorite pair often and spray Lysol underneath the insole. You may also want to get shoe inserts for added protection. There are inserts made to absorb sweat. If sweat is properly absorbed, the accumulation of bacteria is reduced.

4. Try natural remedies. Sometimes they’re better than commercial products. Some natural remedies for toe fungus include: tea (tannic acid), witch hazel, tea tree oil, Aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and Epsom salt. Mixing the last two together can really be effective. Mix one cup of ACV with one-half cup of Epsom salt and rub the mixture between your toes. Let it soak on the skin for at least thirty minutes before rinsing the solution off.

5. Since sweat can cause toe fungus, you need to clog the pores on your feet. You can do this by rubbing talcum powder or baking powder all over your foot. If you want to try a medicated product, then you can find some commercial foot powder with zinc oxide. This helps keep sweaty feet dry AND prevents odor!

6. Although it’s important that your feet are able to breathe, you don’t want to go barefoot! If you do want to go barefoot, stay inside your own home. Make sure the floors are clean. Whenever you go to the beach, wear a good pair of flip-flops. Don’t wear tight, closed-toe sandals.

7. Listerine is actually a great remedy for nail fungus. If it can kill germs in your mouth, then it can kill germs on your feet! Rub Listerine across your toenails every day with a cotton swab.

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