The 3 Step Guide to Prevent Excessive Body Sweating

by Jason on August 31, 2010

I tend to sweat a lot on the back and the arm pit area. My shirts are almost drenched by the time half the day is gone. It gets so much worse during the humid months that I always carry a change of shirts to work, especially when I have important meetings to attend.

The excessive body sweating is no excuse to not look presentable during such official events. The entire experience can be distressing and so embarrassing! Thanks to the help of friends with similar problems, I was finally able to overcome this problem.

Does any of this sound similar? Do you often feel that you’re literally melting away, with clothes drenched in sweat and a BO that can stop a rhino on its tracks? If that’s you all over, do read on for you need to get a handle on the sweating situation [no pun intended].

Sweating is a natural phenomenon in the body, excessive body sweating is not. This condition is termed as Hyperhidrosis. Certain parts of the body sweat a lot if you suffer from this condition. These include the underarms, face, feet, palms and hands. Some people tend to overtly sweat on their legs also. Is this problem curable? Yes, it very much is. With advanced medical researches, cosmetic solutions and help from a good dermatologist, this problem can be cured.

People are tuning to natural remedies and homeopathy medicines to control and stop sweating naturally as these medicines don’t have any side effects. Some of the common ones are Nat Mur, Lupulus, Castoreum, Argentums Nitricum which help in controlling the fluid level in the body and also prevent body odor which is generally accompanied by excessive sweating.

Check out this 3-STEP formula to get rid of excessive body sweating. Now, don’t try everything at one go. Some people have more intense sweat issues, while others don’t. So, take one step at a time. May be, your excessive body sweating can be curbed in two steps instead of four.


Diet and natural remedies – A gradual but sure shot method of alleviating excessive body sweating is through natural remedies. Drink a fresh glass of tomato juice every day. Rich in oxidants, the juice helps in regulating the sweat gland activities. Eat fresh fruits and veggies every day. Avoid very spicy food, especially onion and garlic as they generate excessive body heat. Try bathing with room-temperature tea and mint water. It is a natural antiperspirant that also cools the body. Drink loads of water to balance the loss of fluids because of sweating.


Supplement the benefits of natural remedies with antiperspirant deodorants. Along with reducing excessive body sweating it also prevents stains on the shirts. Trust me; cleaning those stains is a menace. Opt for antiperspirants with natural ingredients to keep the skin nourished and hydrated.


If the above two steps don’t provide much relief, consult a dermatologist. In my case, the above two procedures helped in alleviating the issue. Some dermatologists suggest multiple Botox injections. Then there is also surgical destruction that helps to lower sweat gland activities. The disruption of these nerve pathways is suggested for individuals who don’t respond to other medical treatments.

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