What Causes Sweating Sickness? What Are the Treatment Options?

sweating sickness

by Jason on June 6, 2011

The medical term for sweating sickness is hyperhidrosis. If your sweat is both excessive and unpredictable, then you have hyperhidrosis. It can be primary or secondary.

Primary hyperhidrosis means that there is a problem with your sympathetic nervous system. Your sweat glands are overactive and produce excessive amounts of perspiration. Secondary hyperhidrosis means that your sweating sickness is caused by another medical problem.

There is help for sweating sickness!

There are a variety of treatments, ranging from oral medication and injections to herbal remedies. If your hyperhidrosis is triggered by another disorder or sickness, then you must have that disorder treated.

The following conditions can cause sweating sickness:

• Anxiety

• Stress

• Substance abuse

• Menopause

• Lung disease

• Thyroid disease

• Stroke

• Heart disease

• Diabetes

• Eating disorders

Sometimes the main cause can never be known for sure. If you’re in good health and within a healthy weight range, then you shouldn’t worry too much about what is causing you to sweat. You should only worry if you experience other symptoms, such as fever, unexplained weight loss, dizziness, etc.

Primary hyperhidrosis usually affects certain parts of the body more so than others. It tends to be localized. If you only experience excessive sweating of your hands or feet, underarms, face, or scalp, then you probably have primary sweating sickness.

In order to determine a treatment method, you should pay attention to when and where you sweat. See if you can find out what triggers it.

Questions to Ask Yourself

• Do you seem to sweat more after eating certain foods? If so, what foods?

• Do you only sweat a lot when you work out, or during any time of the day or night?

• Is the sweat accompanied by a foul odor?

• Do you sweat whenever you feel excited, upset, angry, or depressed?

• Do you break out in a sweat whenever you take medicine?

Certain medications can cause profuse perspiration. If you are on any medications, then they might be triggering your sweat glands. Do not stop taking the medicine – especially if it’s medically necessary for you to take it.

Watching Your Diet

Some foods and drinks can trigger sweating. Hot foods, spicy foods, junk food, and stimulants such as caffeine are all known to cause sweating. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water every day can do wonders for your excessive perspiration problem.


For mild cases, extra-strength antiperspirants can be used to block perspiration. You can order a product that contains at least 10% aluminum or get a prescription for one that contains at least 15%. Some can even be used on the hands and feet!


This is an FDA approved procedure which involves the use of electricity to turn off the sweat glands. Since they can only be turned off temporarily, multiple treatments are required. The feet or hands are placed into a pan of water, and a low current of electricity is passed through the water and into the skin. It can be administered at a doctor’s office or at home.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments include tea, apple cider vinegar, talcum powder, charcoal, and tomato juice. You can drink tea or tomato juice every day and rub one of the others over the affected area. You may also want to take magnesium, zinc, or Vitamin B supplements every day. A deficiency of these can cause you to sweat more. Making sure you get plenty in your diet will help prevent excessive perspiration.

Now you have a better understanding about sweating sickness and what causes it. This guide is just an introduction, however. There is much more you need to learn.

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